4 secrets to make a brand epic

4 Secrets to Make a Brand Epic

The term "brand" is frequently employed in modern marketing. But what does "brand" actually mean? That question, which seems straightforward, is actually rather complicated, and there isn't a universal solution. Your company's identity and the way it makes people feel are reflected in your brand. This essay will go through 4 secrets to make a brand epic.

Recognize the 10 Most Warning Signs of Terrific Branding

We now inhabit a universe of limitless supply.

Anyone may launch a business in a few clicks. Anyone may develop items, establish an online store, run advertisements, and connect with a market online. This implies that firms are oversaturating every market with identical goods, services, and solutions.

Therefore, in order to stand out, your brand must be one that your consumers feel passionate about and connect with.

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Recognize the 10 Most Warning Signs of Terrific Branding

Explain what, how, and why

The majority of individuals are excellent at outlining the “what” and “how” of their businesses. For instance, if you own an accounting firm, stating the what and how is quite straightforward.

  • What you do is you help individuals and businesses to ensure their finances are in shape.
  • How you do it might vary, but it tends to involve some form of account management where you assist with invoicing or balance the books every month or quarter.

And the thing that will help one accountancy company stand out from its competitors is moving from the what and the how to the why.

The “why” is what will make a potential customer choose your business over another. The “why” is your differentiator.

In general, consumers aren’t too fussed about how you do your work—the tools you use, your internal processes, and things like that. What consumers care about is “why does this business matter in my life?”

And to go back to the accountancy example, we already explained the what and the how — but the “why” might not be so obvious. For example, if an accounting company mostly serves small businesses, the “why” might free up time for the business owner to spend with family and friends.

The Brand Pyramid

Although brand pyramids have been present since the late 1990s, they continue to be important in brand planning. You may use pyramids to get answers to key questions regarding your company’s position in the market. A sample brand pyramid from Instead Knowledge is shown in the image.

The technical, functional, and emotional benefits your business offers consumers are three of the key elements of any brand pyramid.

Technical benefits

The technical benefits of your brand (labeled “features and qualities” in the above illustration) are at the base of your pyramid. In essence, this will assist you in defining what your business does. At this point, you should inquire as to how this company benefits its clients. How will it generate income? What do we provide?

For instance, we would claim that managing all of your social media content and profiles in one location is the technological advantage of our platform.


4 secrets to make a brand epic

Functional benefits

Once the technical advantages of your brand have been established, it is important to consider the functional benefits you may provide to customers. What your clients ultimately receive when they purchase your item or service are functional advantages.

Functional advantages are more likely to center on how a product might enhance your life, keep you in touch with others, or advance your goals.
Not having to click Publish manually every time you want to share anything on social media may be a practical benefit. Or, in the instance of a vehicle, a large, roomy family vehicle will have the practical benefit of providing enough room for your entire family to travel in comfort.

Emotional benefits

The emotional benefits come next. And it’s these things that actually distinguish one brand from another.

The way your brand makes a person feel depends on the tales you tell your customers.
For instance, wearing Nike apparel will make you feel like a professional athlete, which is an emotional gain. The emotional value is the assurance that your material will always be uploaded to social media channels at precisely the appropriate moment.

As you review everything you discovered throughout the consumer research process, start keeping an eye out for terms that are emotionally charged when used to describe your business or the issue you’re trying to solve by your clients or potential customers.

You may determine the emotional advantages your business provides by listening for phrases like “I feel” or “it made me feel…” joyful, calm, pleased, or healthy.”

Deliver the message

4 secrets to make a brand epic

Just Do It, Think Different, I’m Lovin’ It…

All of those are excellent examples of brand taglines. I bet you recognized exactly whose companies I was talking about with just two or three words. And that is the power of being able to simplify and make people remember your message.

But doing this isn’t simple.

It might be challenging to sum up your entire company in a single statement or simply a few words. You also cannot push it. Facilitating brainstorming sessions and providing a forum for idea exchange is one of the best ways to come up with the ideal slogan.

And occasionally, you’ll get your best ideas away from the office. Therefore, don’t be scared to think creatively and beyond the box.

Therefore, in the first paragraph or two, or even longer if necessary, describe in as many words as possible what your company offers clients. And don’t only focus on the practical and technical advantages you provide; also consider the emotional advantages.

The next step is to condense what you’ve just written into one or two phrases. Repeat that procedure to reduce it to a single sentence or a few words. Take that last duplicate, then experiment with several other iterations: Rewrite it, swap out words, and try out other sentence lengths. This method will assist you in condensing all of the ideas you have for your company’s message into a catchy slogan.

Ensure your brand lives and breathes

You must live and breathe your brand for it to be effective and for customers to believe what you are saying.

As an illustration, Nike claims that their goal is to “provide inspiration and innovation to every athlete on the globe.” Additionally, the business considers everyone, not just professionals, to be an athlete.

But Nike doesn’t simply say that—it really follows it.

Because of this, the firm concentrates on developing the most cutting-edge apparel and footwear, and all of its advertising centers around motivational quotes and tales.

Of course, not every company will have Nike’s financial resources or, for that matter, access to world-famous athletes. However, it still serves as a fantastic illustration of how to make sure that your brand’s essence comes through on every platform.

4 secrets to make a brand epic

4 secrets to make a brand epic

In conclusion

Let’s return to the prior case of accounting. You might make sure that all of your marketing and content supports this goal if your “why” or emotional advantage is to provide small business owners more free time to spend with their families and friends. This can take the form of blog entries about taking time off from work or Instagram photos of clients having fun outside of the workplace. It can even require you to reconsider the graphics and text you use on your website.

Your brand, as I stated at the outset of this essay, is what people will associate with your company. Therefore, each and every point of contact that a customer has with your company should reflect your vision for your brand and the emotions you want them to experience.

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4 secrets to make a brand epic


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