How to Choose The Best Graphic Designer

It may feel a little bit intimidating to hire a graphic designer if you don’t know much about the design industry, but finding the best possible candidate isn’t simply a question of talent. You’ll likely hear from several applicants who have the design skills to deliver solid results, so don’t get too hung up on what you don’t know. Instead, focus on finding a candidate who is easy to work with, finds creative solutions to design problems, and shows that they’re committed to your project’s success.

Going cheap on both your company branding and digital marketing efforts is one way to surely put your business out of the running towards achieving success as it can wholly affect your position in the market. Nowadays, professionally designed brand identities and well-designed design assets have become a status.

There are two better options to outsource a professional graphic designer. Either hire a freelance graphic designer or sign a contract with an agency.

Differences Between Freelance Graphic Designer and an Agency Graphic Designer

Freelance graphic designer:

Let’s first establish an answer to the question: What is a freelance designer? A freelance designer is an independent graphic designer that is self-employed. They are responsible for every aspect of their own business and therefore need more than only design skills.

As a freelance graphic designer, you work with clients to create visual designs for them according to their design needs. You bring their ideas to life by using various tools, creating a design as specified in their brief.

A freelance designer’s hourly rates vary from $25 to $150. That’s an extensive range, but hourly rates can vary a lot depending on experience, qualifications, and specialization.

Agency Graphic designer:

A design agency is an organization that focuses on providing clients with high-quality design. They usually have a range of graphic designers employed, specializing in different types of design. This means they are versatile in delivering various design needs.

A graphic designer working with an agency usually specializes in one or more types of design. The expectations of a designer working at an agency begin and end solely with the process of designing.

One of the major differences is that a graphic designer at an agency might have more access to various tools as well as co-workers with various specializations.

A design agency is a premium service with an equally premium price. A single project could set you back a couple of thousands of dollars. Depending on how big your project is or whether you need special tools or a fast turnaround, prices increase.

Things to Consider Before Hiring a Graphic Designer:

Outsourcing your design needs can be a great choice and help you scale up fast. Sounds like something you would want to get to straight away, right? But before delving into the outsourcing project, there are a few things you should consider.


Money makes the world go round. Before you hire a graphic designer, you must specify your budget. How much will it cost to get the work you need done? And more importantly, can you afford it?

Communication preferences

How often would you like your designer to check in with you? Also, should your designer work in-office or remotely? Remember that hiring freelancers from a global pool may come with time zone differences. Setting ground rules regarding communication in advance will save you a lot of hassle and sleepless nights.


In the long run, outsourcing your design will save time. However, especially in the initial onboarding phase, it will cost time. Scheduling interviews, getting on the same page regarding your design brief and going over draft versions, providing your feedback etc. With this in mind, it is essential to consider who will manage the project.

Here are Some Tips to Help You Choose the Best Graphic Designer:

Finishing Up

These are just a few examples of how crucial it is for your business to invest more in the creative budget. It is rightly said that you should refrain from judgment before even trying.

So, go ahead and look out for your business’s needs and understand how your business can benefit from hiring a professional and experienced graphic designer.

At pix-perfect, I assure you that your brand will get what it deserves as I focus on customer satisfaction and I customize my design services according to your targets by ensuring that I use my complete knowledge and expertise to deliver the best.

A reliable and hassle-free design service with affordable rates may just be what your company needs.