9 Special Hacks for Better User Interface

9 Special Hacks for Better User Interface

It takes time to develop User Interfaces that are attractive, usable, and effective, and there are numerous design modifications involved. Making those continuous improvements to create something that your clients, users, and you are all truly satisfied with. I know. I've been there a lot of times. But what I've learned over the years is that you can immediately enhance the visuals you're aiming to generate by making a few easy visual adjustments. Here are 9 special hacks for better user interface.

9 Special Hacks for Better User Interface

In this article, I’ve compiled a small, straightforward list of suggestions that, with little work, can both help you improve your designs right now and, perhaps, provide you with some helpful hints as you begin your next project.

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9 Special Hacks for Better User Interface

Make your components look more distinct

To make certain components appear a little sharper and more defined, and to help prevent those muddy shadows, use multiple drop shadows or a very slight border (just a shade darker than your real shadow).

9 Special Hacks for Better User Interface

One typeface alone in your design

When making your artwork, it’s perfectly acceptable to use only one typeface; in fact, doing so can occasionally help you produce far stronger and more reliable outcomes. Ignore those who advocate using no fewer than two typefaces. You can still generate results that are entirely satisfactory by combining weights, sizes, and colors.

9 Special Hacks for Better User Interface

Try 20 pt and higher for developing lengthy content

Try choosing 20pt (or perhaps a little more) with your body copy for long-form content (such as blog posts, project descriptions, and all that stuff). Naturally, this depends on the typeface selected, but the vast majority of widely used body typefaces perform admirably at 20 pt and significantly improve the user’s reading experience when presented with a wall of text. 18 pt. has been such for the last ten years.

9 Special Hacks for Better User Interface

Improve the onboarding process for your users

Give users the option to skip any part of your mobile app’s onboarding process, and place the Skip link in an accessible location. Remember, thumbs are still king in 2020!

Make sure all shadows are cast by one light source

Make sure there is only one light source from which your shadows are cast. It’s a straightforward error that occasionally goes unnoticed. Remember that we do not reside in a land with a thousand suns.

9 Special Hacks for Better User Interface

Enhance text and image contrast with a subtle but simple overlay

You can choose between a tried-and-true complete picture overlay and a more subtle (bottom to top or top to bottom) gradient overlay to establish a straightforward contrast between the two parts, depending on where the text will be positioned over your image.

9 Special Hacks for Better User Interface

Use centered text sparingly. Keep it low-key

Try to limit the use of centered text to headlines and brief text sections. Keep that bad guy (sorry, text content) left aligned for most of the rest.

9 Special Hacks for Better User Interface

Your pal is whitespace. Give it a lot of use!

You know the one good pal Whitespace or Negative Space. Use it liberally or sparingly, but use it effectively. Your creations will look more polished and will be able to breathe if you use even small amounts of the nice white substance. one of the quickest and easiest methods to make your designs better.

Text on bright backgrounds should be made darker

When writing against a light background, avoid using too light of a font. Although it might seem like the cool kids are still doing it, you’re wiser than that and want to design interfaces that are far more user-friendly, right?

9 Special Hacks for Better User Interface

9 Special Hacks for Better User Interface

In conclusion

A user interface design is much more than just a collection of linked pages. It’s an interface, a place where many things can come together, interact, and have an impact on one another—in this case, a person and their web or app presence. It is your responsibility as a user interface designer to make sure that the visitor’s experience is as positive as it can be as a result of that contact.

Originated from UX Collective | Source: https://bit.ly/3zOQYNV

9 Special Hacks for Better User Interface


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